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Review Incubus and a giveaway!

Title: Incubus
Series: Daughters of Lilith #2
Author: Jennifer Quintenz
Release date: June 21st 2013
Age group: Young Adult
Pages: 295

Check out my review on the first book in the series, Thrall.


I liked the first book in the Daughter of Lilith series a lot, especially the main-character. I expect this book to pick up the story-line from the ending of Thrall, and continue to unravel the mysteries. I really like that the story is based on mythology, so I'm looking forward to reading one!


Alright, I just finished reading Incubus, like two minutes ago. What a great second installment this is. 
One of the strengths of this book I found to be the character-development.  The main character Braedyn is a strong female, but doesn't always makes the right decision. That happens to all of us right? 

There's a constant battle of good and evil within Braedyn which Jennifer Quintenz describes very realistically. Braedyn struggles to do the right thing and has difficulty finding what's right. 

Lucas is a very well-written character as well. Lucas is such a good guy with a good heart. He want to help and gets very frustrated when he can't. I love that he has so much confidence in Braedyn, even if she's insecure. 
Her two best friends are a bit more in the background then in the first book.
Royal is a great friend and has the tendency to see right trough his friends when something's wrong.  Cassie is also a great side-character. She's still slowly healing from being hurt in the past, which adds a realistic feel to her character.

I also think the writing-style needs to be mentioned here. The beautifully written sentences are just a joy to read. Also love the funny comments in the book, mainly made by Braedyn. An example:
"You think we'll be fighting again soon?" Dad sat next to me at the island. He studied his hands, trying to keep his voice light. "It's possible."
"Possible like it's possible we'll go for ice cream today - or possible like it's possible there are aliens living on Mars and we don't know it because they're just really good at hiding?"

The plot twists were amazing!! I really didn't see any of them coming at all. 
I liked that the possibilities made me think about what might happen, but the twists were beyond my possible outcomes. 

I'm really glad I own the third book, because I can't wait  to read it and continue with this series. As a sequel this book deserves my 5 star-rating.


Well here it is, my first giveaway!
First of all, I want to thank Jennifer Quintenz for writing this great series and providing the books for this giveaway!

You can check out her website:

What's the prize

You're probably wondering what the prize is in this giveaway. The winner receives a copy of Thrall and Incubus (the first and second book) in the Daughters of Lilith series by Jennifer Quintenz. These will both be e-books.

The giveaway is open internationally, so everyone's able to enter! 
It will run for two weeks, starting today; 3/31/2014 and ending 4/12/2014.
If you're not familiar with the Daughter of Lilith series, you can read the Synopsis of the first book Thrall below or check out my review on Thrall.


“Welcome to Braedyn Murphy’s life. She’s a typical—if shy—sophomore navigating the slings and arrows of high school life with her two best friends, Royal and Cassie.  Then a new boy, Lucas, moves into the house next door, and Braedyn finds herself falling in love for the first time.

But Braedyn’s normal life comes crashing down around her ears when she learns she’s a descendent of Lilith, the mother of all demons - and that she might play a critical role in an ancient war between the Sons of Adam and the Daughters of Lilith. Turns out the right answers aren’t always clear or easy.  And as for “good” and “evil” – it all depends on how you choose to act.

Inspired by the ancient Mesopotamian myths of Lilith and her offspring, Thrall explores first love, strong friendships, and taking on adult responsibilities against the backdrop of powerful supernatural forces and life-and-death stakes.”

Also make sure to answer the poll in the side-bar :)

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I'm very excited to share my bookshelves with you guys!!! I don't own a huge collection of books, but I'm very proud of the books I do own. 
I'm going to show the books shelf by shelf. Today I'll share part 1 of the bookshelves tour and that means sharing the books on the first shelf. Here we go!

The first bookshelf

Don't pay attention to the two falling books at the end. They just wouldn't stand up. 

The first books on my shelf are the Dutch books of the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling.  I have one hardcover and all the others are paperbacks (which really annoys me). I put the hardcover first because the shelve goes from big books to little ones, that's why it isn't in the right order. I also have one of the companion novels.I would love to buy the English Harry Potter books one day!  
Next to the Harry Potter series are the first five books of The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare. I haven't read this series but plan on reading this one soon!

 Onto the next part of this shelf, the first book you see is Divergent by Veronica Roth. I'm so excited to read this one and will start reading it in a couple of days!
Next to that, there's the Percy Jackson box series by Rick Riordan. But wait, you only see four books in the box..don't worry, I do own all five of them, but a friend borrowed the first book ;)  I love this series and read it last summer.

Then there's  the last series on this shelf, the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. I loved this series, but haven't read these English versions of the series, only the Dutch one. 

Well that was my first shelf, the next part will come soon.
Have you seen a book you loved to read on my shelf? Let me know what's your favorite one.

If you want to help me out, you can answer the poll at the sidebar :)
Thanks for your visit on my blog,
Happy reading!

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Top Ten Things on my Bookish Bucket List

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Every week they come up with something we can make a list of and share it with each other. Check out their blog for more info on how to participate!

This week is all about the book-and blog-related things you would like to achieve. I will describe things I want to add to my blog or books I want to read that have been on my book shelve for to long.  I decided to make this list in two parts: blog-related(1-5) and book-related(6-10).

Today the list is all about:

The Top Ten Things On My Bookish Bucket List


1. Blog more regularly

I've been really random in posting and I want to post at least 3 times a week (maybe even more). 

2. Show off my book in a bookshelve tour!

A while ago I asked if you guys were interested in a bookshelve tour and got some really positive comments on that. I will definitely do a bookshelve tour for you soon!

3. Maintaining meme's like this

I want to at least try to maintain the Top Ten Tuesday meme every week,  because it's so much fun connecting with other bloggers!

4. Hosting giveaways on this blog

I've never hosted a giveaway before, but I'm planning on hosting one soon! I'm very excited about that! If you have any tips on hosting giveaways, please let me know in the comments.

5. Interact more within the bookcommunity

I want to increase visiting other blogs and maybe participate in more meme's or groups on Goodreads. I love interacting with all of you and want to do that more often :)


6. Read all the books on my bookshelves

Alright, I know this is kind of a big goal, but I want to try to read a lot of books on my bookshelves before I add new ones. I would like to buy a book and read it instead of putting it on my shelve for months. 

7. Read 30 books this year

My Goodreads reading goal is to read 30 books in 2014. I want to stay on track with that so I can finish that at the end of the year. What's your reading goal?

8. Reading the Lord of the Rings trilogy

As I said in previous posts, I'm not sure I'm going to read this one this year, but I do really want to read this trilogy.It's just so big and there are so many characters. I've seen the movies and loved them. I haven't seen the movies about the Hobbit, and I think I will read the Hobbit before reading this trilogy.

9. Reading the Song of Ice and Fire series 

Again, a very daunting series. I haven't seen anything of the TV series(because I want to read it first) but I don't own the books yet. I really want to be in the mood for fantasy genre when I start reading this one. 

10. Read a lot of series this year.

I want to finish some series and start new ones. This year I finished the Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead. I also want to read the Divergent trilogy, the Twilight Saga and the Mortal Instruments, just to name a few. There are so many amazing series to read!!

Thanks for reading my Top Ten Tuesday! 
Do you participate in this meme? Leave a comment linking back to your post and I will definitely check it out!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Review: Last Sacrifice

Title: Last Sacrifice
Series: Vampire Academy #6
Author: Richelle Mead
Release date: December 2010
Age group: Young Adult
Pages: 594

If you haven't read this series, I recommend reading my review on the previous books;
book 1: Vampire Academy
book 2: Frostbite
book 3: Shadow Kiss
book 4: Blood Promise
book 5: Spirit Bound

You can also check out my post about the movie:
Vampire Academy, the movie!


Up until now I loved this series a lot. I'm so excited to read the sixth and final installment of this series! I'm also a little sad at the same time, because this amazing series is ending. 
I'm expecting a really amazing read with a very satisfying and spectacular ending. It's safe to say that my expectations are very (VERY) high. 


I think Richelle Mead did an amazing job writing a vampire series which some how keeps a very real feel to it. There are great characters involved, not just the main character. Every character seems well thought out and fits great in this story. 
What a great ending to an amazing series. 

The growth of the relationship between Dimitri and Rose is really well portrait.  
There is this tension that changes throughout the book and Dimitri slowly changes from a very closed person to sharing his emotions and struggles with Rose.
I like that this process goes really slow, because that contributes to the credibility of their relationship.  Here's a quote that I think is just so beautiful:

“What was love, really? Flowers, chocolate, and poetry? Or was it something else? Was it being able to finish someone's jokes? Was it having absolute faith that someone was there at your back? Was it knowing someone so well that they instantly understood why you did the things you did—and shared those same beliefs?” - Rose

What I also loved about this book is that it wasn't predictable. There were lots of times where I honestly had no clue how they were going to fix their problems. I liked the twists within the story. 

I still love every other side-character in this series.We get to see more of Sydney which was really nice to read about. We also get to know more about her work as Alchemist and her personality. I really like Adrian, Christian and Lissa. 
How I love the moments where Christian and Adrian throw comments at each other, but it was even better when the two of them teamed up against someone else to defend Lissa. 
Halfway through the book there were some moments where I just laughed out loud because of those two. Just love them all :D But I also like Janine and Abe, (they can be so funny, especially Abe). 
Of course I love Dimitri, but I don't think we can call him a side-character, can we? 

What else can I say, I loved the entire series and I plan on doing a series review. Even if you don't really like vampires, I still think you would like this series because of the great writing, world-building and character-development. I recommend reading this series to anyone who loves Young Adult, I'll give this one, 5 stars out of 5!

Have you read this series? Let me know!

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Stacking the shelves: New books!!

Stacking the shelves is a meme, hosted by Tynga's Reviews. This meme is all about sharing the books you're adding on your shelves. This means you can include books you buy in physical store or online, books you borrow from friends or the library, review books, gifts and ebooks. Want to participate in this meme? Check out Tynga's website for more info!

This is my first Stacking the Shelves post, and I'm very excited to join this great meme. I don't have a lot of books to show, but I'm very happy with the one's I do have to show you :)

Burned and Awakened

I bought these two paperbacks from gift cards. They are the seventh and eighth book in the House of  Night series by P.C and Kristin Cast. I bought the dutch versions of #7 Burned (Verbrand) and #8 Awakened (Ontwaakt).

Now onto the ebooks I received.

Incubus & Sacrifice 

Incubus is the second book in the Daughter of Lilith series by Jennifer Quintenz. I read the first book in the series, Thrall, which I loved. I received the second and third book for review from the author. Thanks Jennifer!

End of the line

I participated in a giveaway a couple of weeks ago and I won!! From the author Ottilie Weber I received End of the line. 
Well, that's it guys. I'm so excited for these books! Tell me in the comments which books you've bought recently! 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Top Ten Books to read in the spring!

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Every week they come up with something we can make a list of and share it with each other. Check out their blog for more info on how to participate!

It's been a while since I've done a Top Ten Tuesday and I really want to get into the habit of participating every week. I checked out the list to make this week and was really excited!!

Today the list is all about books the 
Top Ten Books  on my Spring 2014 TBR list.  

Spring.. It's the beginning of a little sunshine (which tends to get everyone in a better mood) and I immediately want to read fun light reads. But when I think about those kind of books, I always read them in the summer. Spring to me is a season in which a lot of different genres are fun to read.
The question remains, what's on my Spring 2014 TBR?

Well let's just start with the list shall we?

1. Divergent by Veronica Roth 
I know I know, I still haven't read this one.. But this Spring I will!!! Also happens to be just in time for the movie ;)

2.The Hunderd-year-old man who climbed out of the Window and disappeared by Jonas Jonasson. 
There have been very mixed reviews on this book and I recently discovered it's going to be a movie. I'm curious what my thoughts are on this one. 

3.The Fault in Our Stars by John Green
This is not exactly a feel good book for a sunny Spring, but I've been putting this one off for some time now and I just need to read it. I didn't want to read it yet because I know the feelings will be heavy. Still need to read it ASAP.

4.The Maze Runner by James Dashner
Also an upcoming movie ( do you see a theme here) and one with an interesting synopsis. I like dystopian, hope I like this one as well ;)

5.City of Bones by Cassandra Clare
Yes, I know, believe me, I KNOW. I'm way behind in reading all the popular books. I actually started this one a couple of months ago, but was very confused by the great amount of new information about the world that I had to put it down. I'm not giving up tho! I really want to like this series because it sounds very interesting (also because I already own books 1-5). If I'm really into it I want to continue reading the series :)

That's about it for now, I just made it into a top 5, that's fun too right?
Do you have any books on your Spring TBR you think I should read? Let me know!! I always love discovering new books.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Book to Movie Adaptation: Vampire Academy

This movie is an adaptation of the book Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead.


I had some expectations going into this film, even though the trailer didn't seem to show the film in a good way. I also didn't like the posters at all. It just looked so high school orientated and the books are so much more than that.


I'm happy to say I thought the movie was amazing! I'm going to tell you why:


The Cast
First of all, they did a very good job casting the actors. I really liked Zoey Deutch as Rose. She has a lot of humor and her attitude is just right. I needed some time to adjust to Lucy Fry as Lissa, because I had a totally different girl in mind reading the book.

I was a little skeptical at first when they cast Danilla for Dimitri, but after seeing the movie he was just perfect as Dimitri. His accent.. :D
I thought Christian was portrait very well.

The humor
There was a lot of humor put in which showed Rose's character really well. Her humor was spot on.

Close to the book
I was pleasantly surprised to see that the filmmakers stayed really close to the story in the first book. Of course there were some minor changes, but most of the story stayed intact. I really liked that.

The end of the movie hints to a second movie, I really hope there's going to be a second one!


If you didn't read the book, I can totally understand that it would be a lot of information to take in. You could get a little lost in the terms they use. 

In the end..

I would definitely recommend seeing the movie, but also read the first book before you see it. I thinks it's just so much more enjoyable knowing the story!!

Did you watch the movie? Let me know in the comments!!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Q & A with Jennifer Quintenz!

For this Q & A I interviewed Jennifer Quintenz, the author of the Daughter of Lilith series. I've read her first book Thrall and I'm excited to read the second installment Incubus. 

Last month the third book in the series, Sacrifice, was released. Until 3/9/2014 there's a sale for the books Thrall and Incubus at You only have a couple of days left, so check it out!

Why and when did you start writing?

Jennifer Quintenz
I’m not sure when I started writing, exactly, but I do know that sometime between age 7 and 9 my dad made it a condition that my sister and I only got our allowance if we finished our chores AND wrote something creative.  Could be a poem, a short story, a limerick… as long as we thought it up and wrote it down (and finished our chores!), we’d get our allowance.  Some of those stories (even though I resented writing them at the time) stuck with me and grew into my first longer stories. Those “longer stories” were originally something like 24 pages or so - and I started working on those when I was maybe 11 or 12.  I’ve still got a stack of books at home from that time.  It takes up most of a filing cabinet drawer.  Thanks, dad.  :) 

 What inspired you to write the Daughters of Lilith series?

I love taking existing mythologies or legends and thinking about what would happen if they were true - and we were living with the consequences of those myths in present day.  The stories of Lilith - ancient, ancient stories found in a variety of cultures - are pretty interesting / freaky / compelling.  But I’ve been so leery of dealing with a character set in that mythology because the idea of the succubus has become just an over-sexualized male-fantasy.  So I wondered, what if I told the story from the perspective of a normal girl who has no idea this is in her genes… and what happens to her when she finds out what she is.  

What is the hardest part of writing a book? 

Ha!  I’d probably give you a different answer if you asked me this question when I was outlining, writing the first draft, or rewriting!  But I think, fundamentally, the hardest part is probably coming up with the big idea.  Once you’ve got that compelling kernel - what becomes the heart of the story - and you’ve figured out what you love about the story (because that’s what keeps you engaged when you’re slogging through the trickier parts of the process), then it’s just a matter of making sure you execute it “right.”  

Can you describe a typical work day?

Sure!  I get up with my toddler, we hang out and eat breakfast and have meltdowns and play together (not necessarily in that order) and then I take him to school.  I usually get back home and go straight to work writing, take a 10-15 minute break for lunch, and continue writing until I have to go pick him up.  Sometimes I’ll go to meetings or meet up with friends or colleagues for lunch, but the typical work day is me just trying to get as much written as possible before my writing time is gone for the day.  So basically - it’s a mad dash to the finish line every day.  :)  When I’m writing a book, I try to write one chapter a day.  Then, the next day, I reread/rewrite the previous day’s chapter and write a new one.  So every day I start by tweaking the previous day’s work, which helps to both strengthen the previous pages, and gets my head back into the world of the story for the current day’s work.

What would you like to accomplish in the next 5 years?

5 years - great question! I want to finish the Daughters of Lilith series (it’s going to be 5 books total) and write the next two series I’ve got planned.  Dream goals? I’m pitching a pilot that I think would make an awesome TV show, so that would be fantastic if it got picked up. 

 Who is your favorite author and what is it that really strikes you about their work? 

This is a hard one.  I’d say, probably my two favorite authors are Tanith Lee and Orson Scott Card.  I read Lee’s “Silver Metal Lover” and fell in love with it, her storytelling, the emotion and drama she was able to so eloquently convey… man, I don’t know what that story isn’t a movie.  It’s one of my greatest wishes to be the one who gets to adapt it for the silver screen.  And Orson Scott Card - I loved “Ender’s Game” the first time I read it (I think I was in middle school?) - and it’s one of a handful of books I return to over and over again.  There’s something so human about his characters and his world - how he captures that so skillfully, I really admire his work.  

Do you have any advice for other writers? 

Just - write!  Finish things.  It’s so much easier to rewrite and tweak after you’ve got a finished draft.  I often lose heart in the middle of a project, but you have to play through the pain, right?  Give yourself permission to write crap - there’ll be time to finish it later.  The important thing is to finish.

What are your current projects? 

I'm working on the last two books of the Daughters series right now - but I’ve also got a very exciting project in the works that I can’t go into too much detail on right now.  Just let me say, it’s an anthology of stories contributed by some amazing TV writers and it’s for a great cause.  More details coming in the next few months! 

I want to thank Jennifer for answering the questions don't forget to check out her sale while you still can!
Happy reading everyone!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Series to read in 2014!

Which series are you excited about to read in 2014? 

This post is about the series I would like to read in 2014, not the series that are released in 2014. There are so many, I don't know what to read first. That's why I thought I share my list of series I want to read so bad I can't wait! I also have to say I feel like I'm way behind on everyone else for not reading some of these series.

Vampire Academy

I'm almost done reading this series, but I don't want it to end! I only have the sixth and final book left to read. I'm really happy Richelle Mead started with the spin-off series Bloodlines and I'm definitely going to read them in the future.

City of Bones, the Mortal Instruments

I've tried reading this one before. But stopped halfway because I was to busy with school and work. I own books 1 - 5 of this series and I  really want to like it. I read so many good things about this series, and also about the other series of Cassandra Clare, The Infernal Devices. 


Talking about reading a series way after the hype... I still haven't read the Twilight series. I do own the box set and the companion novel. I've heard so many mixed things about this series. I really want to check it out for myself. I'm thinking about reading one book and then watching the movie and so on. 


I know I know, another series everyone has read except me. I got the first book of the trilogy for Christmas and I want to step into this world. Everyone is telling me I need to read this series so I'm going to read it in 2014!!

The Hunger games

The hunger games, don't worry I have read this series and LOVED it. It's just that I read it in Dutch and I really want to read it in English as well. I own all of the books in English so why not read them. I want to read it in the language the writer wrote it in.

The house of night

I've read the first six books in the house of night series by P.C and Kristin Cast. I'll have to say that it's an okay series, but aimed for the younger readers. But I started this series, so of course I feel the urge to finish it. I'm going to read the 7th and 8th book and see how the story goes. 

Lord of the rings

This series is always a little intimidating to me. I loved the movies and I'm sure the books are great, but they seem so huge and there are so many characters. I really want to try to read it, but I'm not sure I'm going to read it this year. I really have to feel like diving into a heavy story like this. I've got the dutch versions of the Lord of the rings called 'In de ban van de ring' .

What series are you planning on reading this year? Let me know and maybe I can add those on my never ending TBR pile!!

Happy reading!

Monday, March 3, 2014

February wrap up & March TBR

Wrap up February

February wasn't a great reading month for me. I've only read two books and started a third one. The first one I read was the fifth book in the Gossip Girl series. I didn't like that book at all, if you want to know more about it, the link below will take you to my review. 
Then I read Thrall, which is the first book in the Daughter of Lilith series. I was pleasantly surprised by this book and definitely recommend it. If you're curious about the story, read my spoiler free review!

To my surprise I got nominated for the Liebster Award! Very exciting. Read more in that post!

Check out previous posts of February:
- Review I like it like that
- Review Thrall 
- Love for book readathon
- Liebster Award!

I've read:
I like it like that by Cecily von Ziegesar & Thrall by Jennifer Quintenz

March TBR

I want to finish reading Last Sacrifice by Richelle Mead, the last installment of the Vampire Academy series. I've been putting this one off for quite some time now, just because I want to savor the story. I just don't want it to end! But this month I will finish it! 

When I finish that one I'm not so sure what I'm going to read next. I want to read the Mortal Instruments series, but I don't know if I feel like diving into another series again. I'm thinking about reading a Nicholas Sparks book like The Notebook or The Fault in our stars by John Green.  Do you guys have any stand alone recommendations? Let me know in the comments.

What's coming in March

I have some fun posts in store this month. 

Review Last Sacrifice;
   Obviously there's going to be a review on the Last Sacrifice. 

Author's Spotlight;
   I've read the amazing book Thrall, which is why there's an interview coming up with the writer Jennifer Quintenz. So exciting!

Movie Review of Vampire Academy
   I'm going to post a movie review of the Vampire Academy movie I watched last week. Have you seen it?

I have a question...

Recently I bought a new bookcase. I was so excited putting my books neatly ordered in there! I've been wondering if you guys would like to see my bookshelves. I could take some photo's and make a book shelve post about it. Let me know if you're interested in seeing that.

That's all for now,

Happy reading!!

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