Monday, October 10, 2016

Book review: Cinder

Title: Cinder
Series: The Lunar Chronicles #1
Author: Marissa Meyer
Release date: January 2012
Genre: Science Fiction
Pages: 395 pages


I've heard a lot of great things about The Lunar Chronicles. This series is loosely based on fairytales.


I really enjoyed reading this! I especially loved listening to the audiobook!

The story takes place in the future, where Cyborgs and Androids are part of society. Everyone is looking for a cure to the plague, brought to earth by the Lunars, the people who live on the moon! Lunars are ruled by their Queen Levana, who can manipulate almost everyone to get what she wants.

Cinder is loosely based on Cinderella. With the emphasis on loosely, because Cinder is a kick-ass main-character. She is a cyborg & a very likable character. I was pleasantly surprised when she wasn't portrayed as a girly girl!
Also, she's a mechanic, and a very good one too.

Cinder lives with her stepmom and two stepsisters. I loved that one of the stepsisters was actually kind to Cinder! In the beginning, the stepmother and other stepsister tollerated Cinder, but as the story continues, they treated her very poorly.

Now let's talk about Kai. Marissa Meyer did for sure turn the prince into a very charming, cute, caring, funny and kind person. I loved him!

This futuristic world was very well developed and therefore easy to follow. Characters were very well described. This wasn't a cute, fairytale kind of story, which was one of the reasons why I liked it so much. The writer really tried not to be very cliché, and I think she succeeded!

The only problem I had with this book was that the big plottwist was very predictable.

I would really recommend reading or listening to this book! I've heard that the following books also intertwine the stories of previous characters, really love that idea. I can't wait to read the rest of this series!


I'll rate it 4.5 stars!

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Book review: City of Lost Souls

Title: City of Lost Souls
Series: The Mortal Instruments #5
Author: Cassandra Clare
Release date: May 2012
Pages: 535 pages

I'm curious to see how this story will continue.


This book entails the mission of our gang trying to save Jace. Clary decides to follow Jace to try to discover what Sebastian(Jonathan)'s plan is. She also gets to know her brother a bit more, which is very weird for her. She finds him very hard to read. What is real and what isn't ? 
Meanwhile the rest tries to come up with a plan to break the bond between Jace and Jonathan without killing Jace.

The beginning of the book was similar to the fourth book, City of Fallen Angels. It was enjoyable, but not very spectacular and very slow.  However, the last part was so fun to read, action packed and very suspenseful!

My love for Simon and Izzy is growing more and more! They are such an awesome couple. 

I also liked Clary (most of the time), her character has really developed and she is much more mature now. Although she still makes some stupid decisions now and then..

I'm reading the last book, can't wait to see how this series is going to end!


I'll rate it 3.5 stars.

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