Review policy

Review Policy

Every book I review you'll get to read my honest opinion. I will always explain why I liked/loved a book or why I disliked it. Everyone is different and has their own opinion.


Review requests

At the moment I don't take review requests. I want to catch up on reading the books I already accepted for review first.

You can send me a review request, but keep in mind that I've still got a lot of books left to read and review,so I'm going to finish them first. 
I prefer to read Young Adult books and I will accept physical copies as well as e-books (be aware that I live in the Netherlands if you want to send me a physical copy).

If you would like me to review a book, please send me a request at 

When requesting a book, please include:
  • Review request in the title of the email;
  • The author;
  • The title;
  • The genre;
  • A Synopsis;
  • Reason why you would like me to do a review.
Author Spotlight requests

Are you an author who likes to be on an Author's Spotlight? 
Send an email at and include:

  • Author Spotlight request in the title of the email;
  • Reason why you would like to be on the Author's Spotlight;
  • A short bio about you as an author;
Author Q & A requests

If you are interested in participating in a Q & A post:
Send an email at and include:
  • Author Q & A request in the title of the email;
  • A short bio about you as an author;

My rating system

A really disappointing read. I'm not going to read this again.

I had higher expectations. I will not re-read this book.

This is an okay read, it's not great, but I did enjoy reading it.

A good story! Really liked it and would like to read more.

An Amazing read!! I would definitely re-read it.

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