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Hi everyone! Welcome to my bookblog :)

I'm Myra and I live in the Netherlands. I'm a student who likes to read, play the piano, drink coffee or tea and spending time with my friends. I like the blogging community, to talk and discuss all the books we read, what we love (or don't) and to make recommendations to each other.

I hope that we can continue to do all that on this blog as well!

This blog will contain mostly bookrelated posts, but occasionally
I will discuss something out of the box in my posts, like tv-shows or movies.
I don't read as fast as most bookbloggers, o well, everyone is different right?
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I am also an affiliate for bookdepository and amazon. This means that if you click on a link near a review and you end up buying the book, I will receive a small commission. 
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  1. Hi Myra, this is Dylena. Thank you so much for nominating me for the Leibster Award. I’m stopped by to tell you that I have nominated you for the Working to change the World award! You can read more HERE! If you do not want to participate or have already participated in the past then just let me say that I really enjoy you blog and I hope you’re having a great day. Thank you so much!


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