Book review: Clockwork Prince

Title: Clockwork Prince
Author: Cassandra Clare
Series: The Infernal Devices #2
Release date: December 2011
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy
Pages: 502

I really loved Clockwork Angel! I can't wait to start reading the rest of this trilogy :)

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What an amazing read! I have so many thoughts on this book. So much happened. 

A lot of questions I had after reading the first book (Clockwork Angel) were adressed in this one. But, with the new information came even more questions! Cassandra Clare knows how to keep the reader intrigued and wanting more.

Great book, amazing writing, lots of characterdevelopment and very intriguing.I loved this book even more than Clockwork Angel, I thought it was definitely a step up from book 1.

I really like the third person writing. We get to see bits of lots of characters, and I feel like I get a more complete overview of the story this way.

Important stuff in this book: (warning! Lots of spoilers ahead!) So.. let's talk!

Nate's death: It was sad for Tessa, but Nate had little good in him. He was the worst brother in the world! How could he treat her like that, like he doesn't care for her one bit. The thing that intrigued me was that he said that she needs to wear the clockwork necklace Always. So this must mean something??

Will's background story was so sad to read about. It totally changed my view of Will's character and behavior. I really liked him much more during this book than I did in book 1. After the first book I couldn't understand why Will was being such a jerk to Tessa on the roof, but this book made me understand Will and really feel for him.

Tessa & Jem are so cute together. Jem is such a gentleman, he is so nice and understanding and cute.  I didn't see the engaging coming at all! Although they are cute together, I think Tessa matches better with Will..

Tessa & Will: they like the same books, the quote the same authors. They would make a great powercouple. I really like them more and more! They would make such a great team :)

Charlotte & Henry: they are such a cute couple. They never really talked about why they got married, they both just assumed something. It was really nice to read about their conversation.

Jessamine: I couldn't believe she actually betrayed them! I thought she was exually doing something good for the Institute when she sneaked out dressed as a boy late a night. I thought maybe she is gathering useful information. I still hope she was under some kind of influence which made her betray them..

The Lightwood brothers don't seem so bad, especially Gideon. You can tell that Gabriel has been influenced a lot by his father and Gideon is more mature and is more objective.

Sophie & Gideon: I really like Sophie (especially when she hit Jessamine with a mirror and tied her to the bed!!) and Gideon seems like a decent guy. I would love to see more of them in book 3!

This is easy, I'll have to give this 5 stars!

Have you read this Triology or other books by Cassandra Clare? Let me know!


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