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Title: Fostered
Author: Vanessa Marie
Genre: YA
Release date: November 2nd 2015
Pages: 292

Here we go again.
A new set of foster parents to make my life a living hell.
What number is this? Oh, that’s right, fourteen.
This dump will be no different than any of the rest.
They don’t care about me. No one does.
I wonder what it’ll take to get me kicked out this time.
Only six months left until I age out of this godforsaken system…
Everyone wants to adopt little babies they can mold into replicas of themselves.
No one wants a seventeen-year-old black kid with a rap sheet.
I’m damaged goods

An easy paycheck.
I know there’s an ulterior motive here.
There has to be.

There always is…

I've received this book from the author in return for an honest review

Reading the synopsis, I was immediately drawn to this story. I'm a teacher and I'm always very interested in helping children the best way I can. I'm very curious to see how this book tells the story from this 17-year-old perspective.

You should read this!

Fostered is about Dante who has to meet yet another foster family. It is pretty clear from the synopsis that he is not very excited about that. He has no hope for any positive experience. He is very suspicious about anything remotely good or nice.  There always has to be a catch, because that's how it has always been for him.

I couldn't stop reading it.. after each chapter I felt the need to read the next one.  I finished it in a few days!

Loved the theme of the foster child. I found the story realistically written. The characters were very clear and well described, which made it easy to picture them in my head.

It was very interesting to read about the thoughts of Dante. You can really see the damage that has been done to him. He doesn't have much faith in people, mostly thinks of the worst case scenario,  he doesn't have much self confidence either. He is just a kid who wants to  be loved and wants people to accept him.
It was a very addictive book. Like I said before, I couldn't stop reading. It made me tear up more than once, knowing that there are children who are damaged like that and truly think like Dante does.

This is a fantastic book, I think everyone should read it, because it gives an unique insight in what it's like growing up in so many different foster homes, like Dante. Beautifully and realistically written, great story with incredible character development. Definitely a recommendation!


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Interview with Vanessa Marie
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