Book review: Awakening

Title: Awakening
Author: Cate Tiernan
Series: Sweep series #5
Genre: YA/ witches
Release date: August 2001
ages: 188

This is the fifth book of the Sweep series by Cate Tiernan. I feel like I'm going to enjoy it, but not like it will be an amazing read. Interested in the sweep series? Check out my previous reviews.

Previous books in this series:
1. Book of Shadows
2. The Coven
3. Blood Witch
4. Dark Magick

Just a quick review of Awakening! The book starts where it ended in Dark Magick. I really enjoy this story more and more.

In the previous books I had some trouble accepting the short time-frame in which each book is written. But now somehow that doesn't bother me anymore. Maybe it's because I've gotten used to it or because I discovered that I actually like it now, because you can really go on the journey with Morgan and see her every day life.

We really get to see how she grows and how she handles the obstacles and problems she faces in her life.

Even though I enjoy reading this series, it isn't the best series there is. It is more like an easy, fast read. I liked the realistic aspects of a teenage girl being naive and in love.

Favorite quote: 'How could I ever have believed he could really love someone like me? How could I have been so blind?'


I enjoyed reading it, but maybe I'm a little too old to find this story amazing.


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