Book review: Clockwork Princess!

Title: Clockwork Princess
Author: Cassandra Clare
Series: The Infernal Devices #3

Release date: september 2013
Genre: YA fantasy
Pages: 567

Previous books in this trilogy:
Clockwork Angel
Clockwork Prince

I've loved the first two books and heard nothing but good things about the finale of this trilogy.

One of the best last books in a trilogy I've ever read! Such an amazing conclusion. I'm really going to miss these characters, all of them.. This is definitely the best love-triangle I've read about!

I don't think there was one boring moment in this book. Lots of times I was really scared that favorite characters were going to die! The problem with this book is that I don't have a couple of favorite characters, I have A LOT. Of course loved (and still do) Tessa, Will and Jem. But I also really loved Charlotte, Henry, Sophie,  Cecily ,Magnus, and even the Lightwood brothers!

Loved everything about this trilogy, my heart melted.  I couldn't imagine how this epic story was going to end, but after reading this, I think Cassandra Clare created a perfect ending to an already awesome trilogy.

If I'll have to pick a favorite part of the book, it would definitely be the epilogue. Wow, that was such an epic epilogue, so emotional.

Cassandra Clare's writing is amazing, you can really notice that her writing progresses the more books she has written. I really love that she writes all her books in the shadowhunter world and that she created overlap within those stories. It makes the stories even more interesting.

I'm curious to see how this story will intertwine with The Mortal Instruments series. I've read the first three books and I'm excited to read the last three. After finishing Clockwork Princess I started rereading City of Bones, City of Ashes and I'm currently rereading City of Glass. It's so much fun to discover little hints that connect the books with The Infernal Devices that I didn't see before!



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