Bookreview Crown of Midnight!

Crown of Midnight

by Sarah J Maas

Book 2 in Throne of Glass series
Release date: August 2013
Pages: 418 


Even though Celeana didn't make much sense to me in the first book (Throne of Glass), many people said this series will get better with the next couple of books. I am excited to discover what adventures will come next, now that the competition is over! I hope to see some character development.


Spoiler free section:

I am glad to say that a lot of character development happened in this book for Celeana, which was so nice (and really needed to happen). We also get to see how the friendship between Celeana and Chaol develops and how Dorian changes as a person. 
Sara J Maas did a good job in Crown of Midnight transforming the story in Throne of Glass to a much bigger & more complex story. We slowly get to discover more about magical elements within this world. Overall I think the storytelling and writingstyle really improved in this second book. 
I am curious and excited to see where the third book will take this story. 

WARNING: From now on this review will contain spoilers!

Chaol and Celeana
I liked to see the friendship of Chaol and Celeana develop further. Chaol seems to realize that he cares too much for Celeana to just be her friend and he seems to hate himself for it. He seems like he wishes he would feel this way towards her, but he can't help it. 
I like Chaol in this book, I like to see the friendship between Chaol and Celeane develop more and more. Not only Chaol, but Celeana also realises she cares for Chaol and wouldn't know what to do without him.
I liked that when she was in need of help, the first person she thinks about was Chaol. And she is right, he is able to help her and because she is injured he only realises more how much he cares for her.

Don't get me wrong, I like Dorian too, but I like that we get to read more about Chaol and Celeana in this book. They have really build a strong friendship. 
I love that she feels more comfortable in Chaols room than in her own. Celeana, who can pretty much always protect herself, but she feels safe with Chaol. She even thinks about a future with him, she thinks about what a good man he is. 
It is a very different foundation than the one she has with Dorian, which was based on attraction in the first place. 
I do feel like Chaol and Celeana growing closer is just a temporary thing and I am guessing that the author is aiming for Dorian and Celeana to end up together eventually. What do you think?

Chaol and celeana's close relationship got ripped apart quite brutally because of something Chaol had not told Celeana. I can imagine she is devastated when she saw what happened to Nehemia, but to keep blaiming Chaol was a bit harsh I think. He already blamed himself so badly, but he didn't know it would happen like this. He had no idea. He just put extra guards around her. He made a mistake by not telling Nehemia of Celeana about the threat ,but I thought her reaction was a little hash. She was definitely taking all her sadness about Nehemia and turning it into anger towards Chaol. 

Story development
In this book we read about the rebellion that people are forming against the king, and that there is one woman that is supposedly running this rebellion. I am curious to see how that will develop further. 

Also the black rings the king, his advisor and Roland have must play a big role in his ruling, because we already read about the rings in book 1. they must have some sort of power. 

So as I continued reading this got more and more interesting. This is definitely not a predictable book, while in the first book I could kind of guess that she would eventually become the champion. It was pretty obvious.  Not this time, the only thing I think I am sure of is the Celeana is not going to die any time soon ( I assume that because there are 7 books in this series). Other than that I have no clue how this will go on or how it will end.

I really like were this story is going, the story about the three keys and the portal will probably take a big part in the next books in this series. I do begin to like Caleana little more than the first book (she can be annoying). 

I love that Dorian now has powers! He is so freaked out about it, but I think it really adds a totally different dimension to the story and it will probably play a big part in the future books, because it seems like he has really big powers. 

I am starting Heir of fire very soon! (actually already started it haha)


Have you read the Throne of Glass series or are you planning on reading them? Let me know!

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