Book review: Stars Above

Stars Above

Author: Marissa Meyer
Series: The Lunar Chronicles #4.5
Release date: February 2016
Genre: Science Fiction
Pages: 400 pages

Hey guys, I am back! I have had a very busy study period but am excited to give my blog some new life! Thank you so much for reading and sticking with me! Now on to the book ;)

If you haven't read the previous books in this series, I would highly recommend to check out my review of the first book in the series: Cinder. I've really enjoyed the Lunar Chronicles, you can read my reviews of the other books here:
Book 2 Scarlet
Book 3 Cress
Book 4 Winter

I'm very excited to read about my favorite characters in this collection of short stories!

I enjoyed reading this and I would definitely recommend listening to the audiobook, the narrator is amazing! (she also voiced the other books in the Lunar Chronicles series).
The book consists of multiple short stories within the Lunar Chronicles world. Every story is about one of the characters we've got to know in the series. Most stories are about the past, some are about the future.

First of all, I already read a couple of the short stories and reviewed them, like Glitches & the little AndroidThe Queens Army & Carswell's guide to Being Lucky , so this time I skipped over those. When you click on the titles above you can read my thoughts on those stories there.

I enjoyed some short stories more than others. My favorite short story was definitely the last one. which was so perfect to me. It really moved me (don't worry, I won't spoil you).

If you like fairytales and science fiction, I will definitely recommend this series. The writing style is very easy to read and the stories are so interesting! Also Marissa Meyer is great at showing character development and creating amazing characters you want to love (or hate). 

I give this book 4 stars!

Are you interested in this book? I have good news! At the moment Stars Above is on sale at Book Depository! Check out the link below:


  1. I didn't expect there to be some short stories that weren't based around the main characters from the original series! That threw me a bit because I wasn't expecting it, so I was a little disappointed when it wasn't all about the usual gang. But the wedding for my favourite couple at the end made up for all that because it made me SO HAPPY.

    1. Yes I know what you mean, the wedding was SO much fun to read!


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