Bookreview Heir of Fire

Heir of Fire
by Sarah J Maas

Third book in the Throne of Glass series
Release date: September 2014
Pages: 565 pages

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Spoiler Alert for books 1 and 2!


I expect quite a lot from this series, to be honest. I enjoyed the first two books, but I do wish Celeana would grow up a bit more. She can be pretty immature. I am curious to see where this story will go. 

In this book we get to see Celeana slowly turn into the person the actually is, Aelin. She has trouble connecting with her magic power and has a mentor who sortof tries to teach her how to get the control of her powers back. 

Rowan and Aelins friendship has a rocky start and He seems very closed off. As they begin to train together it becomes obvious that he does not feel sorry for anyone easily.  His goal is to get her back to her powers so he can go back to his boss, Maeve. I liked the development in the friendship between Aelin and Rowan. Slowly they get to know one another and start to understand each other more and more. 

The story was a bit confusing at times, especially the new magical parts and new creatures,  but once I got into the story it was better to follow. I liked that we got some chapters from other characters' perspective, like Chaol,  Dorian and Aedion. 

Aedion is an intriguing new character. You can definitely see the resemblance between him and Aelin.  The more I read about him,  the more I liked him. 

I really liked to read the parts about Manon! Loved the way Manon and Abraxos communicated :)

I liked that we got to see bits of Aelins childhood at the court of her parents. In these bits we got to see just how close Aedion was to Aelin and how he felt very protective of her. 
It was so cute to see little Dorian and little Aelin meet!

I really enjoyed this one, and I hope this story continues to get better and we will see more development of all the characters we have seen so far :)

Have you read Heir of Fire? What are your thoughts? Let me know!


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