Review: Blood promise

Title: Blood Promise
Series: Vampire Academy #4
Author: Richelle Mead
Release date: August 2009
Age group: Young Adult
Pages: 503

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Expectations'm really curious how this story goes on. The end of book 3 nearly killed me. It was such a good book. Book 3 was for me the best read of the first three books, and a lot of readers say that the story only grows greater!! It's save to say I have pretty high expectations for this one..

It was really nice to be away from the Academy life and exciting for Rose to be in Russia. I had no idea as to how this story was going to continue which made me even more curious and excited to read the rest of this series. Rose goes on a mission to find Dimitri, her soulmate, and first ends of finding his family. I really liked this part because it seemed so real. The emotions of the family were described with great detail and that made it very realistic. I did find the time Rose spends at his family a bit long.

I love that we get to see Rose struggle with her emotions. You see a very different side of her, one that doesn't know what to do most of the time and just follows her instincts. The so confident Rose we got to know finds out she doesn't always has the answer to every problem. Sometimes she just doesn't know what to do..

Her whole journey in Russia is all about finding Dimitri and creating some kind of plan to do so. When she finally find him, the story becomes very intense. I was reading on the edge of my seat. You can just feel the tension between them which makes the story so great to read!

The way Rose deals with Dimitri is such a good example of what people do when you're in love. When she's with him ,she can't think rationally and I think most of us know how that feels. It was nice to be able to relate to Rose even more.

We still have some connection with the Academy because now and then Rose visits Lissa's mind and we get to see life at the Academy. Every time this happened in the book, it was a nice change in the story. I've become to like Adrian's character more and more. Rose also sees a better side of Adrian every time she visits Lissa. I don't think I've mentioned this much in the previous reviews of this series, but I also really like Christian's character.

Near the end, Rose finds her true self again and tries to hold on to that. She worries about Lissa again and recognizes what she needs to do.

Just when I think I've figured everything out, something new comes into the story. The ending was just amazingly written.. and it makes me want to read the next book ASAP.

What else can I say? This series is getting better by each book and I really loved the third one! I'll rate this book 5 stars out of 5.

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  1. Beautiful review! VA is one of my favourite paranormal series!!

  2. Thanks for the follow and comment! I love love love this series! Def one of my favorits (: Just wanted to stop by and share some love. Am now following you back.


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