Wrap up January & what's reading in February?

It's February! Today I'll share my wrap up of January and tell you my plans for February!

Wrap up January

If you've read my plans for January at the beginning of the month, you'll know that I wanted to review 4 books and post one big book haul. Well I did all of that and even more! 

Posts in January

What's reading in February?

I need your help. I don't know which book to choose to read next. I'm torn between four books:

- Divergent by Veronica Roth;
- Twilight by Stephenie Meyer;
- City of Bones by Cassandra Clare;
- The fault in our stars by John Green.

Please let me know which book I should start first by voting on the poll at the sidebar. They all seem so very interesting and I don't know where to start!!

I like it like that

This month I really want to finish reading the 5th book in the Gossip Girl series, I like it like that. Right now I'm about 60 pages in, but I don't think this story is going to improve. However, I want to finish this one, just to be sure.

Last Sacrifice

I've been stalling this one, because I don't want this series to end. This is the sixth and last book in the Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead, which is a fantastic series so far. I'm so curious about what's going to happen and at the same time I don't wanna know. I'm going to read it in February and hopefully enjoy every single page.

There's a movie coming out this month, that's based on the first book in the series, Vampire Academy. 


If I have time left, I'm going to start reading Thrall, the first book in the Daughters of Lilith series by Jennifer Quintenz. The synopsis sounds very interesting and is about a 16 year old girl experiencing love for the first time and at the same time discovers her true identity. 

Catching Fire movie

Another plan is a book vs movie post about the Catching fire movie, I can't wait to finally see it!! 

Because Last Sacrifice is a pretty big book, I don't know if I'll get to read a lot. 

One last thing

Don't forget to vote on the poll to let me know which one I should read next!!  Comment below if you've read any of the books I'm planning on reading this month.

Happy Reading!!!


  1. Hi! Thanks so much for following me on my blog http://passtimebooklover.blogspot.com! I'm now following you can I even voted on the poll! Take Care!

    1. Hi Dylena,
      you're welcome :) Thanks for following me and for voting on the poll!!
      Happy reading!

  2. I loved the Vampire Acadamy series! Are you planning on reading Bloodlines when you have finished?

    1. Yes, I'm defenitely planning on reading Bloodlines! Did you read it already?


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