Bookreview Glitches & The Little Android!

Hi everyone!

After reading The Lunar Chronicles, I wanted to read all the companion novels/novella's written by Marissa Meyer, starting with these two!

The Lunar Chronicles #0.5
32 pages
A very short book! It felt more like a chapter to me, but nevertheless I was happy to read more about this world Marissa Meyer created. Glitches tells the story of young Cinder arriving at the family for the first time.  I enjoyed reading this. It was so nice and sad at the same time to read about Peony. She's such a lovely girl.. I would have liked to see more Iko!

Rating 3.5 stars
I was an enjoyable read :)

The Little Android
The Lunar Chronicles #0.6
35 pages

The Little Android is a short story and a retelling of The Little Mermaid. The android has a glitch in her programming, which makes her more human than all the other androids..
I enjoyed it, although I was a little disapointed this wasn't about Iko!

Rating 3 stars


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