Bookreview The Queen's Army & Carswell's Guide To Being Lucky!


Recently I've reviewed the first two companion novels/novella's of The Lunar Chronicles. Now I'm back to review the other ones!

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The Queen's Army
The Lunar Chronicles #1.5
18 pages

I think  I would have enjoyed Ze'evs character in Scarlet more if I had read this before reading Scarlet.
Poor little  12-year-old Ze'ev,, saying goodbye to his family . I really felt for him, my heart goes out to him while reading this. 
The first time the thaumaturge manipulated his mind.. ugh so awful.

Although this wasn't a happy story, it was very interesting to read and it felt too short.  I think I would have liked to read more about his growth from that 12 year old to an adult. still, I enjoyed reading about him. 

Rating: 3.5 stars

Carswell's Guide To Being Lucky
The Lunar Chronicles #3.1
42 pages
This story is about young Carswell Thorne growing up. 
Really enjoyed reading this short story. It was so funny to read.  Honestly, I wanted to continue reading his story and get to know him even more! I would have loved to see how he ended up in Beijing Prison!
Rating 4 stars 

These stories and more are now available in a book called Stars Above, check it out!

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