Bookreview Little Women!

Title: Little Women
Author: Louisa May Alcott
Series: Little Women #1
Release date: first published in 1868
Genre: classics
Pages: 449 pages


I'm excited to listen to the audiobook of Little Women. If you haven't read this, I would advise you to listen to the audiobook!

Warning: this review will contain spoilers!


I enjoyed listening to the audiobook. 
The first part of the book was definitely my favorite. 
I already new that Beth was going to die (because the tv-show friends spoiled me for that in the episode that Joey is reading this book). I think it was good that I already new this, because it would have destroyed me otherwise.

I loved reading about the christmas early in the book. It really showed the characters of all the girls. I actually loved the friendship between Jo and Laurence. I also like that they didn't end up with each other. Jo just didn't feel that way about Laurence. I do wonder how Laurence thinks he can just be friends with the girl he fell in love with. 

I think what I liked the most was reading about the personal development of the girls. Amy's personal development was clear and nice to read about. She grows so much . Also really enjoyed Mary's growth, how she tries to balance her life with her children and husband. 

I loved all the advice the mother gives to her daughters.

I enjoyed listening to it, but I have to confess, the last part of the book was getting a bit dull for me. I think it would have taken me a lot longer if I read it in stead of listen to the audiobook.

Rating: 3.5 stars


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