Review: Frostbite

Title: Frostbite
Series: Vampire Academy #2
Author: Richelle Mead
Release date: April 2008
Age group: Young Adult
Pages: 327

Because I really enjoyed the first book (Vampire Academy) in this series, I expect a fun and entertaining sequel. Looking at the cover I think I can expect some interesting moments! If you didn't read the first book, I recommend not reading this review.

Richelle Mead really knows how to get my attention right away. The character development throughout this second book is realistic and doesn't develop too fast. 
I like the close friendship between Rose and Lissa.

Rose is very aware that her needs come after Lissa's (As she said: They come first).
She knows the importance of keeping Lissa save no matter what.
I adore the relationship between Lissa and Christian, they are such a cute couple!

When Roses mother visits the Academy you'll get to see the kind of relationship they have and the way Rose feels about it. It's a very believable and real relationship and you can really feel what its like for Rose to see her mother again. She often doesn't really know what to do or say and get's in arguments with her mother. It's all very understandable given their history.

I truly LOVE the main character in this series. Rose, she's just amazing. She's definitely not shy, has a lot of humor, is a very loyal friend and tries to do things right (doesn't always work out, but she tries). Her personal character development is remarkably written, in a way that we can see the changes in her and really understand them as well.

And can we just talk out Dimitri? I don't know how she did it, but he became such an amazing character that I find myself smiling every time he's in the story. When he's absent for a while I start wondering, when is he coming into this story again!?! He struggles with his feelings and always tries to stay in 'guardian mode'. But with Rose, well it's kind of hard for him to do that.

This sequel had more action moments than the first book did and I liked that.  There are some dark moments in this book when Rose needs to deal with heavy things. This also made the story more believable and realistic.
It's amazing how fast I got familiar with the world Richelle Mead created. The Moroi, the Dhampirs, the guardians etc. It all makes sense and it's not hard to follow the story. 

We also get to meet Adrian, which is an interesting new character. I would like to see more of him in the next books.

I got a little frustrated in the end when the solution seemed so obvious and it took Rose a long time to come up with it. I would've wanted her to figure that out sooner.

 Favorite quote of the book:
'Dimitri was on first name basis with one of the most badass guardians around. Of course, Dimitri was pretty badass himself, so I shouldn't have been surprised'  - Rose Hathaway

It was an amazing, incredible read, so I'm rating it 5 stars!
What did you think of this?


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