Review: Shadow Kiss

Title: Shadow Kiss
Series: Vampire Academy #3
Author: Richelle Mead
Release date: November 2008
Age group: Young Adult
Pages: 443

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I would like to see more Dimitri in the story and I would also like to know more about Adrian. He's a mysterious character which I liked in Frostbite. The ending of Frostbite could lean towards a different Dimitri-Rose relationship. I'm really curious to see how this will all work out.

I don't even know were to start with this one..
So many things had happened in this book and it is written in an amazing and beautiful way. I'll try to describe this without giving anything important away(which is really hard).

Our main character Rose slowly notices more dark feelings within herself instead of Lissa's. She has a lot of outbursts and she doesn't understand why she reacts like that. She's really glad Lissa has become her happy self again and doesn't show signs of darkness within her.

I've always liked Rose, however in this book she managed to get me to like her more than I already did. She's really growing up in this book, she learns more about herself and handles every situation as best as she can. I was glad to find a lot of humor coming from Rose. I caught myself laughing out loud at times. She can be very sarcastic, which I really like about her!

I'm finding myself liking the Adrian commentary now and then. I can just imagine his face all cocky and confident. He represents guys who has this kind of demeanor as some kind of shield and have a vulnerable and fragile soul underneath.

Dimitri really opened up to Rose at moments in the book. Sometimes he would say the sweetest things and she just didn't know what to do with it. I was like: SAY something NICE Rose. But often, she couldn't really get anything good across. They grew closer together and throughout the book you can see their relationship changing.

This book shows more dark moments than the previous ones did, which really contributed to the story.About halfway into the story it becomes much more darker than I'm used to in this series. This really startled me for a chapter or two. Although I'm not into scary stories, I think this part added a seriousness to the story and helped to create more depth.

Near the end of this book I was involved emotionally and read the last 100 pages really fast.
The ending was somewhat shocking to me. If you want to know what happened, you should READ THIS SERIES!

I thought I liked this series after the first two books, but now I realize I'm falling in love with this story. It's an amazingly creative outlook on vampires, a very detailed world, a kickass main character, a beautiful written story..what more can I say?

O, I know, I'll give it 5 stars! But really, if I could I would give it 10 stars!

Favorite quote:
There are a lot of favorite moments in this book, but which most of them it's hard to stay away from spoilers. So I chose the next quote:

'When we were almost to the other campus, I felt the weird nausea hit me again. I called a warning to Christian, just as a Strigoi grabbed him. But Christian was fast. Flames wreathed the Strigoi's head. He screamed and released Christian, trying frantically to put the flames out. The Strigoi never saw me coming with the stake. The whole thing took under a minute. Christian and I exchanged looks. Yeah. We were badasses.'


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