Top Ten Tuesday; Scariest Looking Book Covers

Top ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Each Tuesday we make up a top ten, answering the question or theme on their website. To see were this is all about, just click on their website and it will take you to the website and the Top Ten Tuesday post. I only have a couple of covers, not ten.

This week my list is about:
The Scariest Looking Book Covers
There's just something creepy about this little kid all by himself in some kind of woods. This book is by Unni Lindell , a Norwegian writer. This is the dutch-cover edition I own.
 This is such a disturbing cover. To me, it looks like some spooky sonogram of an alien baby..

 You can tell me what you want, but I wouldn't go inside that house.. even if they SAY its a safe house. This is a psychological thriller by Nicci French. It looks very thriller-like to me..

Another Nicci French cover. This cover seems to be beautiful and scary at the same time. The dark nightfall looks nice and creepy to me.

That's all for this list, not much I know. Maybe next Tuesday I'll have a list with actually ten things on it!
Tell me if you agree on these covers and don't forget to check out the original blog to see were top ten Tuesdays are all about!


  1. Hey, Myra, I've read a couple of Nicci French books and I loved them, very creepy! That first cover is really spooky - you are right, something about a lonely boy in a dark forest is just scary! I haven't read Unwind, but it's on my list. Thanks for sharing!


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