Review: Insurgent!

Title: Insurgent
Series: Divergent #2
Author: Veronica Roth
Release date: May 2012
Age group: Young Adult
Pages: 525

#Review of Divergent


I really loved Divergent, the first book in this trilogy. It was such a rush to read and I think this is a fascinating story. The ending of the first book was so intense for the main character Tris that I wonder how this story will continue. 
I know most of you have already read the entire trilogy, but please don't spoil anything! I know I'm late reading this series, but I'm glad I get to read it now :)


Obviously this is the second installment in the Divergent trilogy by Veronica Roth.

This book took me some time to read. The last couple of weeks were so busy for me, that each time I started to read I just fell asleep... not because of the book though. I was just very tired after work.

This book was amazing. The writing is just so gorgeous that I read some parts out loud, just because it sounded so great. I really think that Veronica Roth has amazing writing skills and while reading this book I had a lot of moments were I just paused to admire the beauty of her writing.  

Just like Divergent, I found this to be very fast-paced and action-packed read. 
I loved that we got to see more of the other factions and receive information about the habits and rules within their faction. This makes me feel like I have a better prospective on the different factions and  really get to know them better.

I feel like Insurgent is a lot about trusting the people that you love and deciding whether to lie to them or tell the truth. It was very interesting to read about Tris' thoughts on the decisions she needed to make (which were a lot). Sometimes I really wanted to shake Tris for making certain decisions

We get to see Tris and Four interact and try to trust each other more although the circumstances didn't make it very easy for them.  May I just say I love Four :D

Tris is traumatized by things she has experienced previously and I think the way she deals with that it realistically written. Throughout the book she keeps having flashbacks and moments were she blanks out or is overwhelmed by emotions. 


I literally can't think of anything I disliked about this book, 5 stars it is!!

Read the Divergent trilogy? Please don't spoil me about Allegiant, I don't want to know anything about it yet! Let me know your thoughts on Insurgent or Divergent below:D

Happy reading !


  1. Great review Myra! I've read the entire Divergent trilogy but I'm sorry to say that I guess it just wasn't for me, but I'm glad that you enjoyed it! I just didn't really like Tris. :(

    I'm also a NEW GFC follower and I'd love if you could follow my blog too! That'd be really awesome :)

    Olivia @ Fictionally Obsessed

    1. Hi Olivia, thanks for following my blog!
      It's hard to like a book if the main character isn't really speaking to you.
      I also visited your blog and follow you too :D

      Happy reading!

  2. I love Veronica Roth's writing as well! It's so beautiful :) Insurgent was actually my least favorite out the three books but only by a little.

    1. Hi Laura,
      The writing is very beautiful, it was so nice to read this :) I hope I will like Allegiant as well!
      Happy reading :)

  3. I think Veronica Roth is a fantastic writer, and I loved how Insurgent focused more on Tris, how she's feeling after what's happened, and how she's dealing with the grief. I thought it was very realistic and genuine. I love how Veronica was not afraid to tear her down to nothing and then build her back up. And I also liked the more developed relationship between Tris and Four. :) Great review!

    Holly @ Part of that World

    1. Hi Holly,
      You're so right! You really get to see how Tris deals with the grief and everything else that is happening.
      Happy reading!


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