Summer read-a-thon wrap up!

I can't believe this Sweet Summer Read-a-thon is already over! You can check out my previous post on this read-a-thon for more details.

This read-a-thon was from June 9th - June 15th. The week went by so fast, I was busy working so unfortunately I didn't get much reading done. I've read some of the wrap up posts and I'm so jealous of the amount of reading some people have read! 

Day 1: Monday June 9th 

Book: Fractured Dream
Pages read: 43

Day 2-4 : Tuesday June 10th - Thursday June 12th
Book: Fractured Dream
Pages read: none :(

Day 5: Friday June 13th  

Book: Fractured Dream
Pages read: 40 

Day 6: Saturday June 14th

Book: Fractured Dream
Pages read: 32

Day 7: Sunday June 15th

Book: Fractured Dream
Pages read: 55

Final Wrap up

I wanna thank Hannah from The Book Tower for hosting this readathon!
In total I've read 170 pages and for me that's okay. But I would've loved to read more during this read-a-thon, maybe next time !

Fractured Dream

I just want so say that I really enjoy reading about this world thus far. I'm so honored to do this ARC and if you like fantasy and Fairytales, you will definitely like this book! 
The great thing is, you can win Fractured Dream in a giveaway! Just watch my blog closely this week and you might win this book!

Happy reading!



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