Author's Spotlight: Kelly Anne Blount!

Today I want to introduce you to the author Kelly Anne Blount!


Kelly Anne Blount was born in Madison, WI. After attending university, she moved to Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands to teach elementary school. While living there, she met the love of her life and was married in a beautiful ceremony on the Caribbean Sea.

After returning stateside, Kelly started to pursue another passion, writing. Since writing her debut bestselling young adult fantasy novel, Grishma, she has written the sequel, Ayla, and is currently working on the third book in The Necoh Saga.

Kelly has also written the first book, Impassioned, in her upcoming contemporary romance, Hard Love Series.

When she isn’t writing or serving as an intensive intervention teacher working with children with special needs, Kelly can be found spending time with the love of her life, their furry rescues, and enjoying the beautiful sites of Asheville, North Carolina.
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To get to know her writing style, I included an excerpt of her book Grishma below. Take a look at the cover, it's so gorgeous!


"Then something happened. The water’s already frigid temperatures dropped further and every laborious kick of her legs got heavier, like she was swimming through slush. She reached out to the shrubs. Her fingers grazed the leaves. She needed to find the strength to close her hands around the branches. Her teeth chattered, her hands were blue, just a little closer!
Suddenly, something brushed up against her leg. Brooklyn began to thrash and flail in the water. She kicked her legs wildly, trying to move away from whatever just touched her. Now the branch was behind her, and out her reach. The current sucked her further down the river. Her head bobbed below the surface. She gasped for air, but water took its place and she choked.
Something tugged her under. I’m going to drown! I’m going to die here in Necoh! If she weren’t already underwater, tears would have flowed down her face. Her emotions made her chest heave and more water rushed up her nose. One final surge of adrenaline coursed through her body, giving her the will power to reach the surface again. When her head finally burst through the surface, she gasped desperately for air.
Before she could think about death any further, she felt another more powerful tug. This time, she forced her eyes open to view her attacker.
A large blue tentacle wrapped itself around her leg and began to squeeze. Squinting to see what the tentacle was attached to was a huge mistake.
A muted scream escaped Brooklyn’s lips as the creature resembling a horrifying mix of a sea serpent and some type of squid tugged her under the frigid water."

I definitely added her book Grishma on my TBR pile on Goodreads, how about you?


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