Review: The Coven

Title: The Coven
Series: Sweep #2
Author: Cate Tiernan 
Release date: January 2001
Age group: Young Adults
Pages: 185


The Coven is the second installment of the Sweep series by Cate Tiernan. This series is about a girl learning about Witchcraft. Haven't read the first book of this series? Check out my review on the Book of Shadows.
I expect this story getting more personal for Morgan and I think we get more information on about Wicca. I feel excited to start reading this!


It's really nice to read Morgans thoughts. I get the feeling that Morgans reactions to things are very realistic and honest. I'm starting to like her more because of the way she deals with serious stuff.

I like the way this second book is gradually giving the reader more info about Wicca. We get to know Morgan, really know her, which is nice.

We also see more of the jealousy of other girls toward Morgan. 

I feel like Morgan is really growing up in this book, facing a lot. 

I love the little diary parts at the beginning of every chapter. Makes reading it a bit more mysterious.

Cal is a great boyfriend, he's very sweet and caring. I definitely like his character. His mom Selene is a little hard to read, which makes me question if she's reliable. Especially when Morgan finds something that belongs to her in Cal's house...  Robbie is a great side-character and nice friend for Morgan, she really needs a friend in this book.

I'm curious about the rest of this series and hope it will continue to grow into a lovely story.

Other books in this series:
1. Book of Shadows
3. Blood Witch


Are you reading a series right now? Let me know if I should add that series to my TBR shelf!

Happy reading.



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