Review: All I want is everything

Title: All I want is Everything
Series: Gossip Girl #3
Author: Cecily von Ziegesar

Release date: May 2003
Age group: Young Adult
Pages: 240

My expectations of this book are pretty low.  I wasn't a fan of the first two books(especially the second one) but I own the first 5 books of this series, which means I need to read them.

Reviews of the first books:
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I'm going to make this a short review, because it was a pretty short book and a chick-lit(and the third book in this series). 

After reading this I actually liked the series a little more.  There was way more humor in this one, which made it funny to read. 
I actually enjoyed reading this one in stead of being annoyed by the things they say every 5 minutes. Sometimes I actually laughed out loud!

It was nice to see the girls as friends again and they showed that friendship means a lot. They wrong use of alcohol is a consistent factor in this series, which, to me, is a shame.

I'm really missing the character development of pretty much all the characters in this series. I don't have any expectations of seeing that change as this series continues. For me it's really important not to take this book serious at all. If you see the insanity of it all, then you can see the fun of it and enjoy the story. 

I'm going to give this book three stars, just because I enjoyed reading it and to me it was an upgrade from the previous ones in this series.


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