Book to Movie Adaptation: Vampire Academy

This movie is an adaptation of the book Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead.


I had some expectations going into this film, even though the trailer didn't seem to show the film in a good way. I also didn't like the posters at all. It just looked so high school orientated and the books are so much more than that.


I'm happy to say I thought the movie was amazing! I'm going to tell you why:


The Cast
First of all, they did a very good job casting the actors. I really liked Zoey Deutch as Rose. She has a lot of humor and her attitude is just right. I needed some time to adjust to Lucy Fry as Lissa, because I had a totally different girl in mind reading the book.

I was a little skeptical at first when they cast Danilla for Dimitri, but after seeing the movie he was just perfect as Dimitri. His accent.. :D
I thought Christian was portrait very well.

The humor
There was a lot of humor put in which showed Rose's character really well. Her humor was spot on.

Close to the book
I was pleasantly surprised to see that the filmmakers stayed really close to the story in the first book. Of course there were some minor changes, but most of the story stayed intact. I really liked that.

The end of the movie hints to a second movie, I really hope there's going to be a second one!


If you didn't read the book, I can totally understand that it would be a lot of information to take in. You could get a little lost in the terms they use. 

In the end..

I would definitely recommend seeing the movie, but also read the first book before you see it. I thinks it's just so much more enjoyable knowing the story!!

Did you watch the movie? Let me know in the comments!!


  1. I totally agree about the casts! Zoey is awesome, I am slightly stalking her interviews right now lol. And I thought Danila was too bulky for my taste (idk if he fits Dimitri because I haven't finished reading the book yet) but that smile and accent is just... *sigh* he's really cute. I prefer him with short hair tho (lol sorry, can't help the fangirling) (slightly stalking him too) (slightly stalking Lucy and Dominic too) (lol I'm being scary. I'm not really a stalker)

    It's good to know that you, as one of them who had read it before, thought it was great! because I felt alone somehow. I found lots of disappointed comments on instagram :-( great movie review btw!

  2. I haven't seen it yet, so I'm really glad to know they did a good job with it!!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  3. I've heard some mixed reviews of this movie but I'm glad that you liked it. Good review! :)

  4. I ended up skipping this movie, mainly because I didn't seem too thrilled with the series to begin with. Glad to know the movie aspects of it held up pretty well, though!

    Followed! Follow back?

  5. I like this post because I have read the book and seen the movie
    New follower!
    Nicolette @ A Read-aholic

  6. This is one of my favorites <3 love everything about VA


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